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Sew to Speak (originally a challenge by the Arlington chapter of Quilters Unlimited of Northern Virginia in 2012)

Make a quilt that interprets an idiom. An idiom is a figure of speech. It’s a phrase whose common meaning differs from a literal interpretation of the words. The challenge is to illustrate an idiom literally or figuratively through piecing, appliqué or embellishments. Ideally, the visual interpretation would be amusing or offer food for thought.

Size: 100" or less perimeter

Shape: your choice

Additional clarifications regarding the challenge:

Everyone should pick an idiom, a "figure of speech"

Disclosure is voluntary - tell us or not.

More than one quilter can use the same idiom (it would be fun to see how the same idiom can be interpreted differently.)

"Can't hold my tongue" - maybe someone wants to tackle that one....